VAT registration and returns service

Our compliance assistance covers a wide range of VAT services, such as:

  • VAT registration services both for foreign and local entities
  • VAT de-registration services both for foreign and local entities
  • VAT compliance services (preparation and submission of VAT returns, INTRASTAT reporting and EC Sales Lists)
  • Assistance during VAT audits
  • Review of VAT returns
  • Assistance in drafting appeal letters
  • Assistance in requesting interest for late VAT refunds
  • Various meetings with tax inspectors

As your business is growing, we can assist also, through our strong network of partners with:

  • VAT Registrations in all 28 EU Member States
  • VAT Registrations in non-EU countries

Fiscal Representation for VAT

Where a company is required to be registered for VAT in another country as a result of its business activities, it may be necessary to appoint a local Fiscal Representative.
The Fiscal Representative will usually be jointly and severally liable for the VAT owed by the business.

There is no requirement for EU businesses to appoint a Fiscal Representative when obtaining a VAT registration in another EU Member State. However, many EU Member States do require non-EU businesses to appoint a Fiscal Representative when registering for VAT locally. Equally, a Fiscal Representative is necessary when there is a requirement for a non-resident business to be registered for VAT in many countries outside of the EU.

Tax Representation offers Fiscal Representation services across Europe and beyond, so that your business is compliant with local VAT obligations.

Our Fiscal Representation services include:

  • Ensuring compliance with local fiscal laws for VAT purposes
  • Ensuring your business complies with local rules on invoicing, VAT treatment, accounting procedures and VAT filing and payments
  • Handling enquiries and tax inspections from the local VAT office

Your Tax Representative

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Irina Cenusa-Soare

  • Consultant
  • Bucharest

Irina is a Tax Consultant specialized in VAT compliance, Intrastat, Environmental Fund and Clawback reporting. Fluent in English and Spanish, Irina assists the clients in the process of VAT registration, VAT compliance and claw-back purposes, as well as other various advisory matters that may arise.

We are highly recommended by our 150+ clients.

We work with global companies and entrepreneurial ventures alike to help them comply with the increasingly demanding cross-border tax challenges of the digital world.

    VAT compliance for Ecommerce

    How can we help

    We can assist companies in every size and sector to sell goods and services seamlessly using the internet, by allowing all consumption taxes, duties and indirect tax obligations to be met without disrupting the transaction, supply chain or value chain. Our end-to-end services and quick reference guides can help:

    • Internet start-ups, including companies involved in new and disruptive online business models
    • Companies selling online for the first time
    • Companies expanding their web presence into new territories or new areas of business
    • Companies improving or enhancing their online presence or customer experience

    Tax challenges

    • Lack of harmonisation
    • Export Controls
    • Import Value for custom duties
    • VAT on cross border sales within a customs territory
    • Intra-EU trade-in goods
    • Return goods
    • New Indirect tax rules

    Our Affiliations, Partners and Business Ecosystem

    While we assist our clients in focusing on a comprehensive view of all their operations in different countries, we need to rely on local know-how in order to ensure that their operations are in compliance with the regulation of every country in which they operate. For this reason, throughout our many years of experience in indirect taxation, we have established a network of trustworthy partners in many countries where our clients operate.

    We work in close collaboration with local tax advisors, accountants and lawyers, including ‘Big 4’ firms and members of renowned professional alliances. Tax representation partners are selected based on their proven track record, their internal resources and their in-depth knowledge of the national VAT system.

      Mirus Bridge

      Mirus Bridge is a content management tool that helps clients organize, manage and track documents and information. At the same time, it is a proprietary document management solution (DMS) that is suitable for any client of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. Mirus Bridge enables users to manage digital data through automated organization, approvals and sharing all from one dashboard.

      Benefits of using Mirus Bridge

      Standardized compliance process using technology developed in-house;

      We have developed software specialized in VAT compliance service for clients engaged in all industry sectors aimed to:

      • Reduce costs, but not at the expense of reduce quality;
      • Reduce human errors;
      • Increase efficiency
      • Work with data extracted from SAP or various other ERP systems.

      Our VAT compliance process includes a series of mathematical and consistency checks ensuring a proper reporting of transactions.

      Technology-enabled process for sharing information, tracking compliance status and providing you with on-time access;

      We are using innovative technology that, through secure access to the single web-based management system, offers you:

      • real time visibility of status reports and other documents;
      • document management;
      • access to monitor deadlines.

      A single point of contact.

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