Corporate Income Tax, Dividends and Capital Gains Tax

We act as tax agents for non-Romanian clients conducting their business in Romania through a permanent establishment, carrying out real estate transactions in Romania or trading in Romanian securities. Given the complexity and specific features of such projects, we usually recommend and undertake a thorough analysis of each project to identify the Romanian tax treatment applicable in the specific situation.

If liable to capital gains tax in Romania, for instance for transacting in shares held in Romanian companies or sale of immovable properties located in Romania, non-residents may, under certain situations, be required to register for Romanian tax purposes, and declare and pay the related capital gains tax in Romania. We offer our assistance to non-resident clients, as to identify, structure and optimise their Romanian capital gain tax liabilities. Our services include assistance during the capital gains tax registration and de-registration in Romania and the full range of related compliance services, submission of tax returns and tax residency certificates, liaison with brokers and custodians, correspondence with the Romanian tax authorities, tax payment instructions, refund assistance.

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Andreea Anechitei

  • Junior Consultant
  • Bucharest

Andreea is a Tax Consultant specialized in VAT compliance, Intrastat and Claw-back reporting. Fluent in English and French, Andreea assists the clients in the process of VAT registration, VAT compliance and claw-back purposes, but not limited to these. Andreea’s experience in both public and private sectors of activity represent defining aspects on the completion of all issues.